Sunday, November 20, 2011

Desk Cake Final Post

The cake part of the cake was a chocolate fudge cake studded with cacao nibs.

The structure that I made to hold the cake was MDF board and wooden Legs that I found at Home depot. Be sure when making a structure for your cake that your cake won't touch the structure ( I placed a foam core board in between my cake and the wooden board) I first measured the length and width of what would be the top of my cake then I used that to get the measurements for the entire structure.

Lucky me the guy at Home Depot that was cutting my wood didn’t listen to my measurements and he cut it too big and therefore I had to re bake my cake and make more accessories word to the wise make sure that you check your measurements before leaving the store.

Once the cake was covered with fondant I hand painted and airbrush the cake.

and here is the finished product the cake stood about two and a half feet tall.

Desk Cake Part 2

Most of us have many trinkets on our desk, so why should a cake posing as a desk be any different? A picture is something that is universal and can be found on desk around the world so let’s start there. Below is a picture that is 100% edible including the frame.
Once you have selected a picture and printed it using an edible printer and ink. I cut the picture out.

Roll out a piece of gum paste bigger than the picture. Apply clear piping gel to the back and place the picture on the gum paste, cut around the outer edges of the image.

Now the fun part I took a mold that had flower garland and pieced it together and made a frame. You can use all sorts of methods like flower cutters or leave cutters the possibilities are as endless. (I used a fondant gum paste mix for my pieces)

Once you get your frame pieces cut out you can fuse them using water or gum glue. Then apply whatever finish that you desire like an antique finish using edible gold or silver paint. You can cut a piece of gum paste to place on the back of the picture for a stand and behind that put a wooden dowel or a strong plastic straw.

I also made a few edible books for the cake as well I did those using rice crispy then I covered with fondant then with edible images.

I made the magazines the same way. Make sure that you score the sides of your books and magazines in order to give them a realistic feel. If you are doing an old book you can paint the sides a brown, yellow or even gold.

The apple on the desk was made of modeling chocolate. Modeling chocolate is a great way to get a seamless figure. As well as to apply movement to your design.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Desk Cake Part 1

Yes you read right I embarked on creating a desk that was totally made of cake ...except for the support structure of course.

I recently received a request for a desk cake. The client’s wife had just gotten a promotion at work and just had a baby so he wanted to show his wife how much he appreciated her (too bad all hubby’s and boyfriends are not like this take note!) thus the desk cake was created.

Anyone who has created a cake with the hubby taking charge knows that the road can take a turn into the land of indecision as well as my favorite when they ask us what do we like? As if all woman are the same LOL. Surprisingly he was pretty good about some of the details of course he had a little help from his wife’s brother. Once we got our base design together we they were able to make decision like a pro once I gave them a few suggestions. Ok so let’s get into the cake!

Every element of the cake was edible I started the process with a sketch of the cake.  It allows a client who may not be able to visualize what their cake may look like a picture into their final product. When I start the design process with my clients on specialty cakes I have one objective that is to make the cake as personal as possible by adding things that are important to the client. This task can be achieved by adding edible components made of fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate etc...

Below is a picture of the final product, in the next few post we will get into how each component was made.

The client wanted to sit the cake on the floor so he could get a picture of the size..DONT WORRY THE TOP PART OF THE DESK IS THE CAKE SO IT DIDNT TOUCH THE FLOOR

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the past few months I have been getting tons of requests from clients to start a blog. Our clients have wanted to see the process that their masterpieces undergo before making their way to their tables and belly’s. There have been countless times when Brian goes on a delivery that he gets stopped and berated with questions on how we made a cake light up or spin or how we were able to make a cake talk.

I also find myself taking to many other baker’s and caters on tips and tricks that we all have as well as people who are just starting getting into cake decorating. That is why I created this blog not only to show my creations but to also be able to help with tips and the different methods we all use when decorating our masterpieces. I hope you enjoy your time spent here in the meantime enjoy some of my past creations.