Thursday, November 17, 2011

Desk Cake Part 1

Yes you read right I embarked on creating a desk that was totally made of cake ...except for the support structure of course.

I recently received a request for a desk cake. The client’s wife had just gotten a promotion at work and just had a baby so he wanted to show his wife how much he appreciated her (too bad all hubby’s and boyfriends are not like this take note!) thus the desk cake was created.

Anyone who has created a cake with the hubby taking charge knows that the road can take a turn into the land of indecision as well as my favorite when they ask us what do we like? As if all woman are the same LOL. Surprisingly he was pretty good about some of the details of course he had a little help from his wife’s brother. Once we got our base design together we they were able to make decision like a pro once I gave them a few suggestions. Ok so let’s get into the cake!

Every element of the cake was edible I started the process with a sketch of the cake.  It allows a client who may not be able to visualize what their cake may look like a picture into their final product. When I start the design process with my clients on specialty cakes I have one objective that is to make the cake as personal as possible by adding things that are important to the client. This task can be achieved by adding edible components made of fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate etc...

Below is a picture of the final product, in the next few post we will get into how each component was made.

The client wanted to sit the cake on the floor so he could get a picture of the size..DONT WORRY THE TOP PART OF THE DESK IS THE CAKE SO IT DIDNT TOUCH THE FLOOR

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