Saturday, August 18, 2012

M&M Binge Eater 3D Cake Part 1

I know it has been awhile sine I posted something but thankfully we had a great wedding season at Yum Squared Bakery and we are in the process of getting things together to get a store front but that's another post. I'm excited to give you a look into what it takes to make one of our specialty 3d cakes so enjoy!

I recently received a call from a client for a 75th birthday party cake for her father in law. When I asked what were his hobby’s she told me gardening but she didn’t want to do a garden themed cake so we dug a bit deeper and I found out he is a big time junk food eater! Once I found out that piece of information I knew what I had to do make his favorite food in to a cake!

I was given a list of his favorite foods I wanted to come up with a concept that would take his love for junk food and take it a step further! The recipient of the cake loved M&M’s, Cheetos, Hershey’s kisses, strawberry ice cream, Planters peanuts and Tootsie rolls. That’s when it hit me! A giant M&M who went on a binge and ate a ton of junk food! I wanted to make everything on the cake edible so the first thing that I had to figure out also I needed to make the cake easy for transporting because my client who by the way is a really good friend of ours was out of town so I wasn’t sure how far the cake needed to travel this was bad on my end I have a habit of not following the rules I set for doing cakes for clients for friends and family and I don’t send out a questionnaire that helps us decided how to construct a cake. (Note for any one new to baking or to designing cake always take into consideration how far your cake has to travel and if you will delivery or if your client will pick the cake up this little oversight can affect the way you construct your cake or you may need to add additional information guiding your clients on which elements to put where.)

Next I drew a picture of what I was envisioning so that I could have something to go by while decorating the cake I started on baking the amount of cake I needed(by the way I spared you a good laugh I am  horrible at drawing and I didn’t include mine)

I figured that I needed 3 10inch cakes for the M&M and I also made two 6 inch cakes for the Cheetos bag and the Planters Peanut bag. The cake was to be strawberries and champagne but I also made the Planters Peanut bag vanilla bean with fresh strawberries for the kids at the party to eat because our strawberries and champagne cake is not for anyone under 21.

After I made the cakes and let them chill for a few hours I suggest at least 3 to 4 hours so that they are firm for carving.

For the Cheetos bag I took the 6inch cake and cut it into the shape of a chip bag I did this by eye. My suggestion when carving a cake take little cuts if you are uncomfortable carving but don’t be scared to make a mistake, the mistakes are what makes great cake artist you have to make mistakes so that you can learn how to fix them so that no one knows. Most of all if you get frustrated wrap the cake put it in the refrigerator and take a break trust me I do this a lot.

Back to the cake so once I cut it into a bag shape I cut it in half and filled it with fresh strawberries and my champagne frosting I also then carved the cake more to resembled a bag and then applied a thin layer of icing I did the same for the planters peanut bag as well and then placed the cake s back into the refrigerator.

While the cakes were chilling I made Fondant, I don’t buy fondant I like to give my customers the best tasting ingredients and I would rather make my own it takes a little work and I know what’s going in it and it tastes good!

 Once my fondant was made I stared in on the decorations, I used food coloring to get the color of peanuts once that was done the pictures below show how I formed the peanuts

 I also used a slipat brushed with cornstarch to keep the fondant from sticking to the mat I also used it on my gloves so the fondant wouldn't stick.

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