Sunday, June 17, 2012

3D Lighting McQueen Cake

In the past few weeks I have been knee deep in wedding cakes so when I got this request for a Disney cars cake I was so excited! The client’s wanted a 3D Lighting McQueen cake for their sons 1st birthday. I was excited and a bit intimidated at the request I hadn’t seen a cars movie but I was familiar with the main car Lighting McQueen.

So first things first  I quickly downloaded the cars  movie from Direct Tv and began my research getting to watch the movie was a much needed break for me from the hot commercial kitchen that seems even more humid since it has been hot in Chicago. I baked a total of 3 half sheet cakes and two rounds and got to work. After carving the shape of the car which by the way was a process that involved a lot of choice words and  Google image searches I wasn’t too happy with the shape I cut so I decided to come back and try it again. As a cake artist time can either be your friend or enemy in this instance it was beneficial to me since I gave myself enough time to do the cake.

In the end I think the cake came out pretty good if I was to do it again there are lots of things that I would do different but overall I was happy with the end product and the client was thrilled with their custom cake creation made entirely of cake with matching smash cake. 

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