Sunday, November 20, 2011

Desk Cake Final Post

The cake part of the cake was a chocolate fudge cake studded with cacao nibs.

The structure that I made to hold the cake was MDF board and wooden Legs that I found at Home depot. Be sure when making a structure for your cake that your cake won't touch the structure ( I placed a foam core board in between my cake and the wooden board) I first measured the length and width of what would be the top of my cake then I used that to get the measurements for the entire structure.

Lucky me the guy at Home Depot that was cutting my wood didn’t listen to my measurements and he cut it too big and therefore I had to re bake my cake and make more accessories word to the wise make sure that you check your measurements before leaving the store.

Once the cake was covered with fondant I hand painted and airbrush the cake.

and here is the finished product the cake stood about two and a half feet tall.

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