Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PART 2 Binge eating M&M

To get the look of the planters peanut bag I used my edible printer and frosting sheets to get the planters peanut bag and the logo for Chester Cheeto, I made edible tootsie roll wrappers and Hershey’s wrappers made from the edible frosting sheets and printer I backed those on to fondant to make them sturdier.

For the Cheetos and Cheetos bag I hand painted the Cheetos bag with diluted food coloring and the Cheetos are out of fondant too to get a cheesy effect on them I rolled them in orange edible glitter.

I then stacked and filled my cake for the M&M and once the cake was chilled again I began to carve it I would of preferred to make the shape more true to the shape of a real M&M but I had to take in consideration where the cake had to travel to also we were experiencing extremely hot weather in Chicago so I wanted to make sure the cake arrived in perfect condition. If you look closely you will notice that the M&M doesn’t have his famous symbol well that is because the hand would cover it so I decided it wasn’t necessary but looking back I wish I would of added it! Also the hands are made of a fondant modeling chocolate mixed with a flexible wire strung through the middle so that it provides extra support.

The finished product after all the elements were added

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